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DIGICO is your reliable partner and assistant in the field of information technology and IT consulting.

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DIGICO is the best!!! They've corrected all our problems with our video and audio issues. Always available. Trustworthy and prompt and very fair with their pricing. Their troubleshooting is amazing!! We are very happy with their service and employees. I highly recommend them.

Joe Chierotti

Business Owner

Ralph and Alex at DIGICO installed wireless access points and 12 cat6 lines in my home and now my connection on my phone and computer are ten times better! They really did a great job, very professional and even vacuumed the sheetrock dust from each area they installed. With their own vacuum mind you!!! I could not be any happier with the service that they provided to me and definitely recommend them!

Margaret Leon

Home Owner






Structured Wiring

Digico provides structured wiring for new and existing office/home networks, A/V wiring in your office, apartment, or building. We provide the complete implementation of the project, preparation of project documentation, procurement of equipment, network installation, testing, and measurement, consulting, training, and much more. Also, we offer a variety of maintenance work on local networks. We carry out the professional installation of a computer network in the shortest possible time.

Surveillance Systems Installation

Surveillance systems installation are very useful in operation of enterprises, companies and organizations. In today’s world, any manager understands that control over the staff, the movement of goods, warehouses, etc. is needed in every business.

The video surveillance system allows you to keep track of work of employees, to monitor important facilities, warehouses or manufacturing areas.

Home Theatre Installation

At Digico we get a lot of inquiries about home theatre installation from clients who are always dreaming about an upcoming deserved weekend. How nice to plop down in your favorite chair and watch interesting movies, listen to music, enjoying an excellent surround sound and an image, right from the comfort of home. It is quite possible. But, if you purchased a home theater, you require the correct installation of a home theater. What is meant by this term? The complete set of special techniques can transform your ordinary room in an unusual cinema or a recording studio for example.

Complete IT Administration

Every modern enterprise needs a team of highly skilled specialists, who would be responsible for complete IT administration. However, more and more companies abandon obsolete schemes of staff recruitment. There are a number of objective reasons for this.

First of all, it is not easy to find on the labor market really valuable specialist in IT administration and maintenance of servers. The market is saturated with personnel, but not all candidates are able to effectively solve problems.


DIGICO is your reliable partner and assistant based in Los Angeles, CA in the field of information technology and IT consulting. We work with companies on the basis of IT outsourcing and offer a wide range of services, successfully solving IT-tasks for small and medium-sized businesses in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for over 12 years. First of all, we provide a full range of services for Complete IT administration, surveillance cameras installation and troubleshooting, home theater installation, new and existing office/home network and A/V wiring, and development of websites and mobile applications.


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